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Buchheimmuseum 10.-11.12.

Joy of weaving in the truest sense of the word. Both participants and artists enjoyed working together in the light-flooded rooms of the museum, which is idyllically situated on the lake Starnberg.

Kathie Halfin showed how to spin cords out of paper and use it to create delicate woven pieces.

Susanne Thiemann taught techniques of basket weaving from various recycled materials and how to transform fridge screens into art objects.

With Frid Branham you learned how to create three-dimensional art objects from colorful vegetable nets by crocheting and weaving.

Doro Seror showed a technique with which one can weave stable carpets from old clothes cut out of strips.

The variety of materials and techniques let you enter an endless world of design possibilities.

Lovingly and with great specialist and mediation skills, the artists managed that all participants could go home with amazing self-created, woven, braided or crochet work and the skills to transform even waste products into bizarre art objects or useful handicrafts. Working together brought people closer together and both the material and the activity encouraged the participants to tell stories about their own experiences and to listen to each other. The basis for an analog network was created as planned.

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TIM Augsburg

The artists and registered participants are going on an excursion to the Augsburg Textile Museum.
There, director Dr. Karl Barromäus Murr and Barbara Kolb will explain and demonstrate the history, techniques and contemporary aspects of textile work to the guests. In a dialogue with the artists, guests learn more about the connection between art and textiles.

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In the various studios (Atelier Susanne Thiemann and Atelier Doro Seror, Kreativquartier and Künstlerhaus Traubing, guest studios Frid Branham and Kathie Halfin, Domagkateliers) the artists meet and create works together while deepening their relationships with one another.



at the exhibitionspace of the Domagkateliers in Munich, the artists will continue to work on the collective work with the participation of the public. In performances, the artists show unusual forms of handling textile objects.
In artist talks, visitors learn more about the working methods of the artists and the projects Joy of Weaving and World Wide Weaving of Women. In the exhibition, visitors can view and help shape the works of the individual artists and the joint installation.


Künstlerhaus Traubing

At a final festivity in the Künstlerhaus Traubing, the artists and guests come together over food and drink to experience a winter solstice ritual with DoroSeror and to review what has been carried out so far.

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