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Frid Branham

was born in Spain and lives in Brooklyn New York. She is an artist and architect. Her work spans multidisciplinary forms including sculpture, installation, fiber art and 2-D media.

Her multidisciplinary, analytical and research-based background and the (everyday) materials generate the processes and results of her work. She enjoys working on a full-body spatial scale and in public spaces, drawing inspiration from her surroundings. She examines the conventions and history of everyday life and daily routines, using the signs and traces that bear witness to the changes in our natural and built environment. This is also reflected in her work in multiples, which arises f.i. from crocheting, knitting and weaving, but also appears in her drawings. She has exhibited at, among others, the Ely Center of Contemporary Art, CT, the CAS Arts Center, NY, the Attleboro Arts Museum, MA and many others.

Kathie_Halfin_pic by Will Matsuda .jpg

Kathie Halfin

is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist working in textile, installation and performance art. Her work involves labor intensive physical processes and reflects on complex multilingual and multicultural aspects of identity. An Israeli born in Crimea, Ukraine living in Brooklyn, she explores family history, cross-cultural mythologies and rituals, language patterns and woven messages. Exploring hand weaving as a manifestation of sustained slow labor and its importance in today's fast-paced world, the creation of her weavings is a form of ritual and devotional action. Halfin has presented her projects and appeared in solo and group exhibitions at EFA Project Space, NY, Grace Exhibition Space, NY, Ely Center Of Contemporary Art, CT, Bronx Museum AIM Biennial, NY, the A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, and many others

Doro Seror

As a multidisciplinary artist, Doro Seror works internationally in the field of interactive (textile) installations, objects, staging, performance, directing, dance and much more. She studied fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and was trained in dance and body therapy. The topoi of her artistic work are sustainability and recycling of materials, including her own art,

so that it is subject to a constant process of renewal.

With the Joy of Weaving project, she is involved in the recycling of textile waste. In her interactive web projects, visitors learn techniques they can use to make art and handicrafts from textile waste. Her own room-filling textile installations are a testament to her commitment and her craftsmanship.

Her work is shown worldwide. She has shown her work at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, at the Smack Mellon in Brooklyn, at the Afiriperforma Biennale in Nigeria and at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, among others.

wwwow_Verbindungslinien_Doro_Seror_Thomas Hauzenberger.jpg

Susanne Thiemann

is a master basket weaver and has also worked on artistic objects made from recycled material from the very beginning. Her work is characterized by the fascinating interplay of industrial materials and traditional basket weaving techniques brought to perfection. She was a student at the ISCP in New York and a frequent guest at the Louis Bourgeois Salon. Susanne Thiemann is ahead of her time in her way of thinking and working, and at the same time she anticipated something that could not be more topical now: her open, expansive works thematically represent that the old must be broken open in order to make more lively, vital interdependencies possible make.

She showed her work in the Städtische Galerie, Rosenheim, the Artothek & Bildersaal, Munich, the Martos Gallery, New York and the Haus der Kunst, Munich, among others.

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