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Workshop Joy of Weaving at LUISE


SAMSTAG, 1. JULI 2023,  3-6 pm

In this workshop, artist Doro Seror shows a simple knotting technique (Amish Rug Weaving) with which the participants can transform old clothes they have brought with them into small woven works of art. You don't need any previous knowledge or special technical aids.

The knotting activity has a relaxing effect and encourages careful communication. Using the hands allows for a shared silence and offers the opportunity for personal conversations. New and lasting connections can be made here. At the same time, it increases our sensitivity to how we deal with one of the largest garbage producers in the world: fast fashion. Participation in this workshop already contributes to reducing the export of used clothing and the mountain of textile waste.

Please bring: Good pair of scissors and used clothing, preferably jerseys.

Kulturzentrum LUISE
Ruppertstraße 5 80337 München

Room: Raum 2, LUISE werkt
Pay what you can (about 10 € to 20 €)
LUISE/Doro Seror / Joy of Weaving  -WWWoW as part of the international exchange project BESPOKE

The multidisciplinary artist Doro Seror deals with sustainability and recycling of materials. In the "Joy of Weaving" project, she transforms used clothing into works of art and connects artists worldwide who deal with weaving, braiding and knotting. (World Wide Weaving of Women). /


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Joy of Weaving - Pars pro toto

NEXT INTERACTION at the tim Augsburg

Workshops: On the following weekends you can join us and learn how to make something beautiful, useful and artistic out of old clothes. Your objects will be integrated into the installation Joy of Weaving - Pars pro Toto, which can be seen in the foyer of the museum until September. They will then be returned to you in a public action.

July: Friday, 14.07. and Saturday, July 15, 2023

All day from 10:00-16:30 (with lunch break)

Cost: Free


Collection of used clothes at the

tim | State Textile and Industrial Museum A

Provinostrasse 46

86153 Augsburg

opening hours :

Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m closed on Mondays

We collect your worn clothes. You can hand in worn clothing right on site.

Please sort them into the baskets by color!

Together with you and other interested people, the clothing will be transformed into colorful objects and installed in a large installation in the foyer.

The basic structure of the installation in the foyer of the museum consists of processed selvedges that are produced during production in the museum.

Why? Reducing the garbage we leave on our planet!

Old clothes disposed of in clothes containers do not benefit people in need free of charge! After traders in Europe have taken the best for themselves, they are exported to so-called developing countries, where they are sold in bales to retailers. From a bale that costs there around $100, about 10 are in good enough condition to be sold on the market, the rest go to landfills and are incinerated. Therefore, help ensure that our textile waste is used in our own countries and donate old clothes (preferably jerseys) to the Joy of Weaving Pars pro Toto project.

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